Unity Candle Sets for your Wedding

We have recently noticed quite a big upsurge in requests for Unity Candle sets for weddings. Very popular in the United States, it seems that this tradition is now making its way over to the UK and more and more brides are wanting to include this very personal element into their wedding. So what exactly is a Unity Candle set?

A Unity Candle set generally comprises of a large central candle and two taper candles. Traditionally the candles are white and are decorated with the bride and grooms name on each of the taper candles (one name per candle) to signify the two seperate famalies and then the Bride and Grooms name and date of wedding on the central candle. The central candle is also sometimes used to pay tribute to family members who have sadly passed away.

Traditionally the Mothers of the Bride and Groom will light the taper candles and then the Bride and Groom will use these to lit the central candle signifying the joining of the two famalies.

There are however no hard and fast rules around the use of the Unity Candles and here at Candleabra we can decorate the candle sets with any inscription, image or theme that you like.

Unity sets make a lovely addition to the ceremony of the day and also are a great keepsake and can for example be relit on each subsequent anniversary.

Our Unity Sets start at just £25.00 plus postage and packing. for more information email us at candleabra2015@gmail.com.


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