The littlest things……..

I have always said since I started this business, some 6 months ago that the nicest part of my job was creating a candle for someone and knowing that I have been in some small way a part of their special celebrations.

Many of our candles are requested to remember loved ones no longer here on a couples special day and it is such an honour to be asked to create these special gifts. Of course it is always with a touch of sadness as obviously these people are important people in the couples life and it is a sad reality that nowadays more and more people are losing close relatives and not having them with them on this most important occasion.  I seem to be creating more and more candles for Mums and Dads who have sadly passed away and whilst I love creating the candles, it is always a little sad to think that the bride or groom are not going to have one or both of their parents with them to watch as they take that next big step.

I was recently contacted by a lovely bride to be who had sadly lost her father only a short time ago and wanted a special candle to have as part of her wedding day to remember him by. We created a beautiful candle and hoped that in some small way it would ease the pain of not having her lovely dad with her on her special day. Tragically the lady contacted me again this week to say that she had now just lost her mum, just two weeks before her wedding! It is unimaginable how difficult this must be for her but her mum had made her promise that the wedding would go ahead and this very brave lady is honouring that promise and will get married to her wonderful partner in two weeks time. We wish them both a wonderful day and many, many years of happiness together and are proud and honoured to have been asked to create candles for both her wonderful parents.

In all the preparations for a couples big day, there are so many elements that go into making it a wonderful day and if our candles can add just a touch of something special and bring comfort to those that have lost a loved one then it makes this job so worthwhile.

Its important to remember that sometimes it really is all about the littlest things.

Sharon x x


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