Behind the scenes….

Its been a very exciting week this week for me here at Candleabra HQ as I finally launched my brand new Christmas lines, complete with catalogue. As this will be our first ever Christmas, I have no idea what to expect but with our first Christmas Fair looming on the 5th September (I know can you believe it!!), I suddenly realised that I had better get my skates on and get things done.

The first hurdle was trying to decide exactly what products to create and what people might be interested in buying. As most of my business to date has come from the Wedding sector, I didn’t really have a lot to go on, so decided to call on the expertise of some of my lovely friends and family who offered their thoughts and ideas on the sorts of things that they might like to buy. Once products were decided on, it was time to start sourcing everything, so I settled down with a nice cup of tea and fired up the trusty Ebay to help me.

With all the supplies purchased, I then had a few days to wait until everything arrived. My poor Postman deserves a medal as for days on end he trooped up my path with endless parcels but finally everything was here and it was time to get down to the business of creating samples of each of the things I wanted to offer.

indexEach of the products that I wanted to showcase has to be carefully created, wrapped, priced and photographed, so I was pretty much locked away in the studio for 2 whole days, whilst the ever patient Mr Candleabra manned the fort downstairs with the children and tirelessly provided endless cups of tea and encouragement.


Finally all of the products were done and I was then able to move onto photographing them all in preparation for creating my online brochure. At last after a week of creating, we were ready to go live and I have to admit that it was with quite a degree of pride that I posted onto Facebook the link for the catalogue on Monday and waited for the reaction.

As always our lovely Facebook Fans were as supportive as always and I have received some fantastic feedback already. I have ordered hard copies of the catalogue as already people have said that they would like to display it and show it to friends and family and so all in all its looking like it might be a good first Christmas!!!

Lots of love

Sharon x x


If you would like to take a look at the catologue then just click on the image x

front page-page-001




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