Creating a Memorial table at your Wedding

1071669247a1c898c7af4060b7d7c7a9Nothing compares to  having all of your loved ones with you on your wedding day. But by honoring deceased relatives and friends in a simple, elegant and respectful way,  allows those people to be there in spirit.

Many couples opt to  set aside a small part of their ceremony to light a 563ef97e4beb8de143cb1b8113b80d83candle. Usually, this candle has the names of the departed persons and a short verse. While this brief memorial service is beautiful and a great way to include those loved ones no longer with you, it is also a solemn break from what is otherwise a joyous day. So if you would prefer not to break the happy moment but still want to honour and include your deceased relatives an alternative is to set up a Memorial Table either at your Wedding ceremony location or more often at your reception venue.

325c616296aae6f58f5c342a0a023163You can choose to set up a small table with pictures of each person you want to remember, a short poem, and candles. You may also want to incorporate elements of your theme or special mementos, flowers etc. It doesn’t have to be a table either, some people for example opt to use a vintage ladder, whilst others have used barrels, logs and a variety of other things that fit within the theme.

At Candleabra, we can help you create the perfect memorial to your loved ones. All of our items are completly bespoke and can be created in colours to match your theme and with your choice of images and designs.

PicMonkey Collage(3)Our Unity Candle sets come with 1 large central candle and 2 taper candles and can be designed to suit your theme and colours. The set is £22.00 inc postage. We also offer a range of candle holders with prices ranging from £20. If you purchase a candle holder from us, your Unity set will be priced at £18 inc postage.


PicMonkey Collage(2)We can also create beautiful personalised frames and individual candles. The frames can have a variety of poems and words from our extensive selection and finished off with your choice of decoration.  Frames are £18 inc postage. Our candles are bespoke designed for you and are priced at £13.90 for a medium and £15.90 for a large.

We also offer a full Memory table package which includes 1 x unity candle set including our standard candle holder in either silver or gold, and 1 personalised frame. Price is £55 inc postage.

For more information, please email us at or visit our facebook page


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