5 Top tips for creating a Memory Table at your Wedding


Your Wedding is a time for celebrating and naturally having your nearest and dearest with you on this special day is very important. But for many couples, some of these important people in your life will no longer be with you but a Memory Table is a simple and fitting way to ensure that they are a part of your celebrations.

Creating a Memory table doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming. Here we give you 5 top tips for creating a lovely memorial to your loved ones.

563ef97e4beb8de143cb1b8113b80d83Location – Generally people choose to have their Memory Table at their reception venue. Ideally locate it somewhere quiet as some of your guests may want to take a moment to reflect and remember those special people.

442. Pictures – Now this is a tricky one. Obviously for some, a lovely picture of your departed loved one in an attractive frame is the perfect way to include them in your day BUT be mindful that especially if their departure is quite recent this may be too difficult for some of your guests.

1071669247a1c898c7af4060b7d7c7a9Keep it simple – Memory tables do not need to be cluttered, keeping it simple is the best way by far.  Generally photographs tastefully arranged with a personal message in the form of a sign is enough. You may decide to have a simple floral display or perhaps the Bride may choose to have her bouquet displayed here . Remember that the point of the table is to honour those no longer with you.

224. Candles – A popular staple for a Memory table is the use of candles. If you have decided not to opt for photographs this is a great alternative and in this case you could choose to have a personalised candle to commemorate each of your deceased loved ones. Alternatively if you have decided to display pictures, a single large memorial candle is the perfect choice. If you are going to have the candle lit, then we recommend that you have it contained in a hurricane vase or lantern as the table will be left unattended.

Lighting –  If you have opted not to have a candle or perhaps if you don’t want to light your memory candles, then consider a few battery operated tealights scattered around the table to give a little bit of warmth and ambience.

If you would like assistance creating your Memory Table, then do contact The Final Flourish, who hire everything you need from frames to hurricane vases. For Personalised Memory Candles, visit Candleabra, who create bespoke designed candles for all occasions.


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