Abscence and Rememberance Candles

Abscence and Rememberance Candles are the perfect way to remember a loved one who is no longer with you on your special day.

memcans2Abscence and Rememberance Candles

These candles are an ideal way to remember someone special that you have lost. We can create in a variety of sizes and use either text and/ or images. We can add any message of your choice or use one of the many beautiful poems and rememberance messages we have available.

Abscence and Remberance candles can be used in the church or as part of your wedding decorations at your reception.

unity3Unity Sets

A Unity set is most commonly used during the ceremony and consists of a large candle usually with a verse and names of people no longer with us and then two smaller candles to represent each of the famalies ( bride and groom). Generally the Mothers of the bride and groom will light the large candle using the two smaller candles to represent the joining of the two famalies.

Take a look a some of our Absence and Rememberance Candles

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