Wedding Candles


There are few events in life that evoke as much pleasure and joy as a wedding. Most of us dream of how it will be from an early age. We visualize how glittery and beautiful it will be. When that moment comes it is very important to ensure that your dreams come true. in recent years the use of candles as decorations in a wedding has grown steadily.

A candle represents a lot of things such as beauty, purity, love, romance and even a unification of two people or two families. There are several ways in which you can make use of candle lighting in your wedding ceremony. They include;

  • A unity candle is a symbol of unity between two families and individuals. Many wedding ceremonies make use of unity candles to symbolize unification between individuals.
  • Candles are also very important in setting the mood for the event. A wedding needs to be romantic and beautiful. Flowers on their own cannot help to achieve this soft quiet atmosphere but candles can.
  • Better lighting. You cannot use normal lighting for a wedding. Candle light creates the perfect background for the ceremony. Thus it helps in creating lasting memories for everyone.

If you are planning a wedding, either yours or someone else’s, you should seriously consider making use of candles. One of the biggest advantages of using them is that they can be used together with flowers and in any environment. They have the ability to blend in any surroundings and also create the most perfect atmosphere. So whether it is a church wedding or even a beach wedding, you can never go wrong with candles. There are so many different types of candles that you can choose from.

Here at Candleabra, we specialise in creating beautiful and unique candles to be used in a variety of ways as part of your Wedding Day. Each candle is designed around your themes and colours and is created specifically for you.



Candles create romantic lighting and look for a wedding. Romantic lighting sets a calm mood.  No matter how large or small the wedding, setting candles on the table makes for an intimate setting. Candles can also be used in many ways, making them a great choice for centrepieces.


unity3Unity Candles

Candles are often used during a wedding. One popular tradition is the unity candle. The mother of the bride and the mother of the groom use separate candles to light one candle representing the blending of the lives of their two children.


21636_1582781928647482_1917799408895147695_nWedding Favours

Candle wedding favours are a great gift for guests to receive on a Bride and Grooms special day. Candles are beautiful, yet practical. At Candleabra, our candle favours are sure to bring warmth and light to your wedding reception, and afterwards to your guests homes.

memcans2Absence Candles

Absence candles to remember your loved ones on your special day, each one can be personalised to suit your wedding theme or existing wedding candles. With a choice of decorations for you to choose from, or if you are planning to purchase a Unity candle, why not have your absence candle match your Unity set.

giftsSpecial Gifts

If you are looking for a unique keepsake gift for your Bridesmaids, Mothers of the Bride/Groom or perhaps for you as a couple to mark your special occasion then one of our personalised candles makes the perfect gift.

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